im jay they/it/nya minor goated website for music tracking

large interests: tbhk, omori, racing (mainly f1), sim racing games, oneshot, evangelion, music, audiophile stuff, foam blasters, dog man.

socials: white girl swag#7906 on discord, ballsgaming302 on twitter.

furry lol

steam friend code: 1115071289

dni list: basic criteria (homophobic, pedo, bigot, racist, right winger) homestuck fans (very few exceptions), proshippers, lolicons and shotacons, people who dont support xenogenders and neopronouns, people who romanticize mental illness, did fakers (you know who you are lol)

dni filipinos /j

https://archiveofourown.org/users/dreamingofwaterparks /j

page for music reviews